Elmien Viljoen Instructor

 Elmien Viljoen


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Background:  Elmien has been doing karate since the age of 7. She started assisting as instructor last year.

DAN grading: Shodan (1st Dan)

Age: 16

Birthday: 6 November

Interesting facts: Elmien received her Protea colours 2011, 2013 and 2015. She has won the KSA Championships and JKA Championships in the Kumite division for her age group several times. Her dream is to represent her country at the KSA SHOTOCUP.

Personal Information: Elmien lives with her family on a small holding with 4 dogs. She loves animals and if she could have her way there would be horses as well. Elmien loves sport. She is a grade 11 pupil at Garsfontein High School. She is part of the athletics team with javelin being her event. She is also part of the softball team.

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