Johan Nel

Johan Nel

Background:  Johan started karate late in life at the age of 36.  He is a very junior assistant in comparison to the Dan senseis, but the fact that he offers his time to teach our youngsters does not go unnoticed.


DAN Grading:  Kyu 2 (working hard toward each grading to one day achieve Shodan status)
Birthday : 7 January 1980


Interesting Facts : Johan did Goju Ryu, when he was a mini in Potchefstroom, with his mom. Johan’s mom was one of the first female Shodan’s in Goju Ryo in South Africa in the early 1970s. Johan started karate again in 2016 when his daughter (Calia Nel) joined Solis Ortus.

Personal Information: Johan is a qualified archaeologist and Manager: Heritage Resources Management at Digby Wells Environmental. Johan is married to Sian, a very supportive karate-mom, and they have a daughter, Calia a red belt and a little boy, Quinn who joined sensei Sandy’s Minis in 2020.


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