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We have a number of set events every year and these are recorded in our annual calendar. Events such as grading exams, competitions and so forth are noted in our calendar.

Another successful Solis Ortus Grading

Solis Ortus hosted yet another great grading under the watchful eye of Eugene Oosthuizen sensei on Saturday 12 June 2021. The grading was extra special as it was also Eugene sensei’s birthday!

After months of preparation around Solis Ortus karateka got the opportunity to demonstrate what they learned in class. The day kicked off early at 6 am with Eugene sensei and instructors getting everything in place to ensure a successful grading whilst complying with Covid-19 protocols. The grading went smoothly, with Covid-19 measures strictly adhered to. We finished on time, yet again, with no hiccups!

First up were Sandy sensei’s Minis. This was the largest group of Mini little karateka between ages 3 and 6 graded to grade in several years. At least one Mini also graded from Sandy sensei’s Minis to a proper white belt. Sandy shed a few tears in sadness for saying goodbye to a Mini and in happiness, and happy tears as this karateka’s karate life take on a new dimension.

Next to grade were the white belts going to yellow one. They all graded really well. They were followed by yellow ones who graded to full yellow, including a few older white belts. Solis Ortus has a whole bunch of new yellow belts. Well done to everyone!

Then it was time for yellow belts going to orange one and full orange. There were again a few older karateka taking the next step in their karate life. Solis Ortus is very proud of every girl and boy, lady and gentleman that graded!

Under Eugene sensei’s hawk-eye more karateka graded to green one and green belts, blue one and blue belts, and to purple one and purple. This is when one truly begins to realise what karate could mean in one’s life. Keep it up guys and gals!

Then it was time to grade to red belts. The pressure in the dojo at this grading was high but everyone showed their dedication. Well done!

The red belts were followed by karateka grading to junior brown and black as well as a few grading to kyu 3 and 2. The grading session was hard. Eugene sensei not only test every karateka’s kata and kihon, but also their endurance and fitness. All told, ten karateka successfully completed the last grading of the day. Solis Ortus is really proud of everyone!

Lastly, we want to thank Eugene sensei for his guidance and respect showed towards every single karateka and instructor – not only on the day but also in every class! It is a privilege to be part of Solis Ortus and to be taught by you!