Creches to Dojo visits

Creches to Dojo Visits

If one looks carefully, once a month there are the pitter patter of new little feet running around with the Solis Ortus Minis. These are the the Karate Kids from the  5 creches we are currently teaching at.

This new move is to show these little upcoming karatekas who exactly they belong to..the family of Solis Ortus.

We have had a total of 3 visits so far, with another one planned for the month of October. The Karate Kids will also be joining the Solis Ortus Minins in the Coen Memorial challenge. This should be a lot of fun, both for the officials and the students alike.

The creche kiddies really enjoyed the activities, and many returned for more.

Here are some of the faces one will be seeing:20160216_112020 20160210_092212 20160420_094332 20160215_100652 20160223_095739 20160420_105538 20160217_091452 20160307_11340920160420_105833