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Heilethe Calitz

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Background: Before karate Heilethe was a Business woman living life in the fast lane with excitement and expectations. After all that she became a mother to the biggest gift of all time, a beautiful boy. He started karate when he was 5 and is Brown 1 now. Sitting on the side she decided to join her fascination and become a White belt in 2010.  She never thought that becoming a Black belt can be such a reality. Out of a group of 8, she was the only karateka that persevered to reach this honour.

DAN Grading: Shodan (1st Dan)

Age: 51

Birthday: 16 May

Interesting facts: Since 2014 she was SA JKA gold medallist in her division in both kata and kumite. She also was part of the KSA team that participated in Zone 6 in 2015.

Since then she progressed to a more advanced division and has to work her way up to the top all over again.

Karate became her passion and is very active in karate activities in the background and is currently also working for sensei in the mornings.

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Personal Information:
Heilethe has been married to her 20 year partner for the past 10 years and has a beautiful young boy John-Matthew. She is a cat lover and has 6 fury brats that rule the household.

She loves working in her garden, loves to entertain and loves to cook. Apart from karate she and her husband have their own Company where she works as a GIS specialist to enhance asset management in the Municipal environment.

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