Solis Ortus JKA Championship 2014

On May 10th, 2014, Solis Ortus hosted its first JKA inter-club championship. Although it was a relatively small competition, it was nonetheless an exciting tournament with many talented karateka doing their thing!

We are proud of all the various divisions, from our junior belts to our senior belts, from the young ones to the older ones. Everybody did their best and demonstrated both good attitudes as well as good spirit.

The amount of support, in terms of table officials, referees, judges and runners was really great, and many students and senseis stepped up to the plate and presented themselves to perform their various duties during the tournament.

JKA Championship 2014 Officials
JKA Championship 2014 Officials

The quality and standard of many of the kata and kumite was quite good and we expect to see quite a few medals from the big SA JKA tournament at the end of May 2014!

Here are some more photos for our readers’ enjoyment