Karate Super League – Bulls Challenge – 2014

On Saturday,  31 May 2014,  Karate Super League hosted the first of its three annual challenges – THE BULLS CHALLENGE.

This challenge welcomes dojos and karatekas from all over Africa to participate.  We want to give a special thank you to our neighbours in Botswana for always supporting the Karate Super League.

Solis Ortus students held our dojo name high at the tournament and competed on various level obtaining more experience, winning medals and some also grabbed one or two of the prestigious titles.  I am proud of each and every student and I am humbled to have so many awesome students in the club.  My students compete and participate to the best of their ability and they keep our Solis Ortus name high.

Also, without our dedicated parents, none of the above will be possible.  So thank you for encouraging your kids and supporting the Karate Super League.