Solis Ortus Karate Training

You can ask our youngest students (5 years old), you can ask our oldest student (63 years old) – DO YOU ENJOY THE KARATE TRAINING AT SOLIS ORTUS??  The youngsters will say yes, and most of them cannot wait to come to class and enjoy their 1 hour’s training.  Every student, young and old will find something positive out of the karate.

At Solis Ortus we train hard, young and old!  We train hard to perfect our karate technique, we dedicate alot of time and efforts for those students who compete in tournaments, we assist and guide our students who wish to start entering competitions, we focus on our Kata and we burn for our Kumite.  Our instructors attend seminars abroad to bring back new knowledge and we teach our students to the best of our ability and in accordance with Japan Karate Association regulations.

Training hard is not an issue at our dojo – as everybody trains together.  We push each other beyond our own limits just to note that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit.

Everybody is much stronger (mentally, physically, emotionally) than you think.

Come join us for training and come find out how STRONG you really are!