Marx van Eeden

Marx Started karate at Solis Ortus at age 48 when his son Dawid  started with karate (in 2011). He attended a karate class way back in primary school (grade 1) and although it did not lead to anything Marx always had a thought of “someday” doing karate.

Marx gave a go at Goju Ryo many years ago, but it was not at a formal dojo and also did not pan out. Amazing what a good dojo and enthusiastic Sensei can do!

Marx obtained his Shodan in November 2016

Personal Information:
Birthday: 24 April (currently 56 years old)
Married to René, have son David (age 14).
Employed by Denel as a A Systems Engineer.
Hobbies include Photography, flyfishing, motorcycling,pottering in workshop
Marx is currently instructing purple belts in third class on Mondays and Wednesdays and is very passionate in his training.

Est telum se defendere