Rudolf Steyn

Rudolf Steyn

Background: Rudolf has been doing karate since the age of 8. He started his karate under the late sensei Coen Oosthuizen in 1986.

DAN grading: Yondan (4th Dan)

Birthday: 24 May

Interesting facts: Rudolf was part of the Gauteng North team representing the province for 7 consecutive years at the SA JKA Championships.

Personal Information: Rudolf is married to Annatjie, who he met in a karate class. They have two children aged 9 and 5. Johan, the younger of the two also does karate and is currently a mini orange.

Rudolf is assisting with the teaching of the yellow belts in the first class.

Rudolf also trains twice a week at the Honbu dojo in Sandton, which is the main dojo for SA JKA.

Rudolf fills his non-karate time with working for Group Risk at Nedbank.

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