Sandra Erasmus

Sandra Erasmus

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Background: Sandra started karate at the age of 8.  She was affiliated to JKS for two years while residing in Pretoria.  After relocating to Warmbath she joined a JKA dojo.  In 2012 Sandra registered with Solis Ortus Karate club and has never looked back or regretted her move.

Grading: Sandan (3rd Dan)

Age: 21

Birthday: 20 November

Interesting facts: Sandra’s karate career took off in 2006, aged 10, when she was chosen to represent South Africa in Hanover Germany at the WKC tournament.  As parents we were over the moon ecstatic about this and ensured that she went as we were not sure such an opportunity would come around again.   To our surprise (well, not really) another opportunity came knocking when Sandy made the SA team again in 2010 for another WKC tournament in Caorle Italy.  Sandra did not stop there. She has also represented South Africa at two JKA Shotocups in 2011 (Thailand) and 2014 (Japan).  Sandra has worked hard to achieve all the has in her karate career.  Sandra lives in Warmbath and travel every week to train with the best at Solis Ortus.

Personal information:  Sandra is not only an excellent karateka but also a very good horse rider.  Sandra and her horse, Sir Rhapsody, have achieved many things.  She has represented Limpopo at shows while she was at school.  Currently, she and Sir Rhapsody are achieving many heights in the jumping arena where they have reached the scary height of 1.10 meters!  She also does showing classes with him but Sir Rhapsody has his mind set on jumping and the two make a wonderful team.  Sir Rhapsody looks after Sandra very well and her mother is forever grateful.  Sandra also has a little horse name Roxy.  Roxy is very special to her as her late father bought Roxy for Sandra to have “fun” with, which she has.  Sandra is currently studying through UNISA to become a teacher!! (watch out children).  Together with her horses, she also shares 3 dogs with her mom.  Sandra spends all her spare time at the stables with her horse.

Note from her mom: Sandra is a very special, strong loving person. I am blessed to have such a wonderful child. She is not only my daughter but is my best friend and I am very proud of what she has achieved and am sure she will achieve a lot more. sandra 2

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