Sandy Verreyne

Sandy Verreyne

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Background:  Sandy started karate at the age of 7 but stopped at 12 due to issues with her dojo.  17 years later she returned to Solis Ortus as a 1st Kuy (Brown Belt).  She is currently the Sensei to the Mini Karatekas of Solis Ortus.  Her passion is to teach youngsters and this you can see through her love and dedication to each little mini.

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DAN grading:  Shodan (1st Dan)

Age:  33

Birthday:  5 December

Interesting Facts:  Sandy was SA Champion in her style for KATA when she was a green belt and Tekki Shodan was her favourite kata. She has her dad to thank for her love for karate as he persuaded her to start. She enjoyed the sport with her whole family and her mom is a brown belt and Dad a Shodan.  Sandy teaches our mini karatekas as she has a passion to sculpt little minds.

Personal Information:  Sandy studied through her twenties and obtained a Ndip in Office Management and Technology, Senior Diploma in Paralegal Studies and an LLB.  She works full time as a senior Paralegal for Adams & Adams, she is mom to a wacky unique 5 year old (Shiloh, who also does karate) and is ruler of the Oosthuizen house hold.  She is also the owner of S.O. Martial Arts Shop.

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