Sensei Haldun Alagas Training Course

During the School Holidays (14 – 19 July) Sensei Eugene Oosthuizen attended a training course in Bloemfontein with Sensei Haldun Alagas of Turkey (several WKF world championship medalist) and various other karate athletes across South Africa.  The idea behind this training camp to provide South African karate athletes with more exposure to European karate in order for them to be competitive on world level.

Even though it was very cold in Bloemfontein, we were inspired and motivated to join the training of Sensei Haldun Alagas and his team from Turkey.  We attended two 2-hour training sessions a day in which we focused mainly on WKF kumite techniques and training.

As many of us, Sensei Haldun Alagas love of karate was inspired by Bruce Lee films and his success in this sport at international level has resulted in karate becoming a lifelong passion and life style for him.

Even at my age and expertise, I still learnt something from the Turkish team and I am grateful for the opportunity to have trained with Sensei Haldun Alagas.