Solis Ortus Grading 3 June 2017

At last our first Grading for the year was a huge success. To all the students who have graded, well done. You came prepared and really excelled through your grading. The panel had all extremes of emotions with many surprises and pride.

The minis (3-5 years) arrived 6:30 in the morning, looking bravely in their Eskimo jackets, socks and beanie’s full of smiles and eagerness. You are the little stars that show real character and spirit. Solis Ortus is really proud to have such well-behaved and disciplined mini karatekas. From there on the day greeted the rest of karatekas with sunshine and the smell of coffee.

Well done to everyone, you showed what influence karate has in your lives not only as an individual but also in the responsibility of being a karateka. You have grown so much and Sensei Eugene and the Instructors are very proud of each and every one of you. We as a team are looking forward to your next chapter in karate especially with your new belt.

Always be proud as a karateka, frame your achievements, build on the memories and become the best you can be. Stay humble, but proud. Without knowing it, you have learnt so many life skills in karate that you can take throughout your life and become whatever you desire one day as an adult.

To the adults, you conform to so many new abilities and above all a better healthy lifestyle. Well done.

To all the parents, karatekas, runners and Instructors, thank you so much for helping Solis Ortus making this day a success.

One way, JKA! Solis Ortus the karate way!

Written: Heilethe Calitz