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Winning isn’t everything

As you all now, we have started the 2nd quarter of this year with a bang with 3 tournaments behind us already and our fist club grading almost upon us (14 June 2014).

I have taken some time during the various tournaments to observe the students and their behaviour while participating and their reactions to winning and losing.  In this regard, I want to ask each and every one of our students and their parents to read the following article, “Winning isn’t everything, but WANTING to win is by Vince Lombardi. Parents, please print this page and read it to your children.

This cause is very dear to my heart as even I had to, and still go through, the various emotions when losing and winning.  And irrespective of the end result (good or bad / winning or losing), I have always continued with my karate.

I welcome any feedback from the karatekas and parents.


Winning isn’t everything, but WANTING to WIN is – “Vince Lombardi”

sport circles coaches, teachers, motivational speakers etc will use the quotes of “it’s not that you won or lost but how you played the game,” and “The most important thing. . . is not winning but taking part”.

KARATE, a sport as (unlike) any other can be practiced only in the dojo or, you can take it a step further, and practice it on the competition floor.

The Karateka who does karate for the fitness and to progress through the belts and who never compete is a HAPPY Karateka.

The Karateka who does karate for the fitness and to progress through the belts and who does compete is a HAPPY Karateka.

BUT, where do our unhappy karateka’s fit in?

As in any other sport you get students who are more talented than other students….that just means that the other student must work a little bit harder to achieve certain / same goals. It certainly is possible because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I have noticed that when our students compete in tournaments and they do not win / don’t even place in the medal rankings, they become despondent and even consider quitting karate. Why is this?

I want my students to understand that with hard work comes victory. We offer training 4 days a week and extra classes on a Friday. Even if you are unable to attend all these classes, you know your kata and kumite – practice at home! If you are uncertain of anything, come ask me or any of the instructors. Juniors, you can even ask mommy or daddy to email me.

It breaks my heart when one of my students wants to quit karate based only on the fact that he / she does not do well in competitions. Winning is not everything. I am equally proud of all my students, whether or not you receive a medal or fall out in the first round.
What did Dory say in Finding Nemo…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”. And that is what I want all of you to do, keep your head high and just keep training, just keep training.

Losing is part of playing and part sportsmanship. I hope you all will play hard, train harder and loose with the victory of knowing that you tried and you delivered your utmost best…..cause that is good enough for me.

Just Keep Swimming
Just Keep Swimming