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Solis Ortus Celebrates Six New National Protea Athletes in Our KPC Team!

Karate South Africa held selections for the national Protea team over the weekend of 15 and 16 January, where KPC was represented by six athletes as part of the KSA squad.

The weekend was a huge highlight and success for KPC athletes. All six athletes, Elmien Viljoen, Ethan Brazelle, Hardus van Jaarsveld, Isabel Esterhuizen, Pieter Jordaan and Thirq du Preez, qualified for their Protea colours!

Our champs will now represent not only Solis Ortus and KPC, but also South Africa at the Region South Championships, which include all southern African countries, from 27 to 29 May 2022!

As a super proud sensei Eugene said on the day, “Congrats. Hard work, dedication and commitment paid off!”

But he is not the only one who is super proud. Our KPC parents also had their say about our stars. Some words from them:

“I’m bursting with pride.”

“Thank you Eugene for what you put in.”

“Very proud”

“Thank you Eugene for your patience.”


Well done everyone – keep the Solis Ortus and KPC names high!

Good luck for May!


Elmien Viljoen with sensei Eugene.

Hardus van Jaarsveld and sensei Eugene

Pieter Jordaan and sensei Eugene

Thirq du Preez and sensei Eugene

Youngsters Isabelle Esterhuizen and Ethan Brazelle and sensei Eugene

New Solis Ortus shodans receive their diplomas

Solis Ortus received a few new shodans! (1st degree black belt) They all received their official JKA certificates from JKA headquarters in Japan.

Hardus van Jaarsveld, Christo Olivier, brothers Deepan and Veer Valla graded to shodan at JKA honbu in October 2020.

Tiaan Uys graded to his Shodan in March 2021

This was their crowning glory after months (and years) of intensive preparation and training. The five new shodans already received their black belts and endured their initiation into the senior class soon after grading.

However, the diploma, finely crafted on Japanese rice paper, serves as official recognition of their status as shodans. They can proudly display their diplomas when not in their gi and wearing their obi!

We hope the diplomas also serve as reminders that their karate journey has only just started.

Well done guys.
Solis Ortus is proud of you!


KPC at KSA Nationals in Durban

The past weekend of 28 August saw Eugene Oosthuizen sensei and a number of Karate Performance Centre (KPC) athletes compete for Gauteng at the KSA Open & Elite Nationals in Durban. Eugene sensei attended as Gauteng coach.

The following KPC athletes competed and medalled.

Roos Shiloh Verreyne  Gold Girls Kumite 8/9 years U30kgs
Van Der Westhuizen Jean  Gold Boys Kumite 8/9 years U30kgs
Millard Eben  Gold Boys Kumite 8/9 years +30kgs
Vertue Franco Gold Boys Kumite 10/11 years U30kgs
Brazelle Ethan  Gold Boys Kumite 10/11 years U35kgs
Esterhuizen Isabel  Gold Girls Kumite 10/11 years +45kgs
Du Preez Thirq  Bronze Cadet Boys Kumite 14/15 years U57kgs
Viljoen Elmien  Silver Senior Female Kumite – 18+ yrs – 68kg+

On Sunday, some of our athletes participated in the SA Squad Training in preparation for the Region 5 Championship, UFAK Championship and other international competitions planned for the remainder of 2021, including the WKF World Champs to be held in Dubai.

Congratulations to all our star athletes! KPC and Solis Ortus is very proud of you.

Solis Ortus is Zooming On!

Solis Ortus has done it once. And Solis Ortus is doing it again – continuing with online karate classes through Zoom!

The massive rise of Covid-19 infections nationally and in Gauteng especially has resulted in literally every Solis Ortus karateka feeling the effects of this terrible pandemic on a very personal level.

Following the successful first grading of 2021, Eugene Oosthuizen sensei and the instructors thought it wise to put into practice what was learned during the first hard lockdown in 2020 to keep all our students safe.

Solis Ortus already started Zoom classes a week or more before President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday 27 June that the country will again go into Level 4 lock-down. Level 4 basically locked-down leisure activities again that include gyms and fitness centres.

Eugene sensei indicated even before the official news that it is in the best interests of the entire Solis Ortus family that the dojo move to online classes until the third wave reaches its peak.

We would like to encourage all our karateka to continue training – in the comfort of your own homes!

Have fun and be safe!

Another successful Solis Ortus Grading

Solis Ortus hosted yet another great grading under the watchful eye of Eugene Oosthuizen sensei on Saturday 12 June 2021. The grading was extra special as it was also Eugene sensei’s birthday!

After months of preparation around Solis Ortus karateka got the opportunity to demonstrate what they learned in class. The day kicked off early at 6 am with Eugene sensei and instructors getting everything in place to ensure a successful grading whilst complying with Covid-19 protocols. The grading went smoothly, with Covid-19 measures strictly adhered to. We finished on time, yet again, with no hiccups!

First up were Sandy sensei’s Minis. This was the largest group of Mini little karateka between ages 3 and 6 graded to grade in several years. At least one Mini also graded from Sandy sensei’s Minis to a proper white belt. Sandy shed a few tears in sadness for saying goodbye to a Mini and in happiness, and happy tears as this karateka’s karate life take on a new dimension.

Next to grade were the white belts going to yellow one. They all graded really well. They were followed by yellow ones who graded to full yellow, including a few older white belts. Solis Ortus has a whole bunch of new yellow belts. Well done to everyone!

Then it was time for yellow belts going to orange one and full orange. There were again a few older karateka taking the next step in their karate life. Solis Ortus is very proud of every girl and boy, lady and gentleman that graded!

Under Eugene sensei’s hawk-eye more karateka graded to green one and green belts, blue one and blue belts, and to purple one and purple. This is when one truly begins to realise what karate could mean in one’s life. Keep it up guys and gals!

Then it was time to grade to red belts. The pressure in the dojo at this grading was high but everyone showed their dedication. Well done!

The red belts were followed by karateka grading to junior brown and black as well as a few grading to kyu 3 and 2. The grading session was hard. Eugene sensei not only test every karateka’s kata and kihon, but also their endurance and fitness. All told, ten karateka successfully completed the last grading of the day. Solis Ortus is really proud of everyone!

Lastly, we want to thank Eugene sensei for his guidance and respect showed towards every single karateka and instructor – not only on the day but also in every class! It is a privilege to be part of Solis Ortus and to be taught by you!


Sensei Eugene attends KSA Team Building Camp in the Drakensberg

Karate South Africa held a Team Building Camp over the weekend of 4 June 2021 in the Drakensberg at the Drakensberg Gardens Golf and Leisure Resort, near Underberg and Sani Pass in freezing temperatures and snow-covered mountains.

The Training Camp provided standardisation to KSA athletes and coaches.

Eugene Oosthuizen sensei attended the camp as KSA National Coach. On Friday evening an energetic training session took place with everyone where Eugene sensei trained the U21, Senior, Vets and Master athletes. This was followed by a briefing session where the program and rules for the weekend were discussed.

On Saturday morning, there were separate kata and kumite training sessions. Athletes attended another training session and completed fitness tests just after lunch. Coaches and athletes then attended a referees course immediately following the fitness tests.

Michelle Singh sensei presented a psychology session after the course. A few coaches were afterwards selected to give motivational speeches,  where Eugene sensei was asked to give some inspiration to the athletes.

A mini-tournament was hosted on Sunday where the selection panel kept a watchful eye over the competitors, observing them for a possible chance to compete in the region 5 tournament.

Thank you to Eugene sensei for giving his time, yet again, to teach and inspire karateka from across South Africa!


KPC students model for The Great Shepherd Classic – 2021

A few of our KPC students were chosen to model for the Great Shepherd Classic 2021 health and fitness campaign.

This just shows that it is never too early to instil a healthy, active lifestyle in your kids. Our KPC youngsters train hard and look good!

We are honoured that they were chosen for this great cause. This year’s event will be held at the Curro Hazeldean High School.

Watch this space!

KPC athletes attended GKF Squad training

Several Karate Performance Centre athletes that qualified for the Gauteng Karate Federation team took part in Squad training sessions on Saturday 8 May. The training catered for both online and in-class training with a jam-packed program. In-class training was presented in Morgan Moss sensei’s dojo in Krugersdorp.

The day kicked off with kumite training for children aged 7 to 11 from 8h00 to 10h00, followed by kumite training for cadets aged 12 to 13 that ended around 12h15. Kata training followed for children aged 7 to 13, then athletes aged 14 and older, which ended at around 14h30. Training of Junior and Master athletes took place in the afternoon from 14h45 to 17h30.

Our own Eugene Oosthuizen sensei is the GKF chief coach and did what he does best on the day: making champions of all the athletes.

KPC thanks sensei Morgan sensei for making his dojo available for the training. And, thanks to Eugene sensei for putting in all his time and effort. We wish all our athletes the best of luck: put your training into practice and make KPC proud!


KPC athletes victorious!

Several Karate Performance Centre athletes competed over the weekend of 9 to 11 April held in Bloemfontein. They formed part of the Gauteng team competing in the Karate South Africa team events.

Gauteng men’s team with Eugene sensei
Gauteng women’s team with Emma Wentzel as coach

Eugene Oosthuizen sensei arrived in Bloemfontein on Thursday to check the lay of the land. On Friday 9 April, KPC karateka took three gold, a silver and bronze. Well done to the gold winners, Ethan Brazelle, Isabelle Esterhuizen, and Franko Vertue. Pieter Jordaan received a silver for kumite and bronze for kata.

Isabelle Esterhuizen and Eugene sensei
Ethan Brazelle and Eugene sensei
Franko Vertue and Eugene sensei
Pieter Jordaan and Eugene sensei

Day 2 on Saturday 10 April went equally well. Elmien Viljoen took a silver medal, whilst Hardus van Jaarsveld and Thirq du Preez both received bronzes for kumite.

Hardus van Jaarsveld and Eugene sensei
Thirq de Preez and Eugene sensei

Sunday 10 April was the young ones’ (8/9 years) chance to perform, taking two gold and two silver medals. Eben Millard and Shiloh Verreyne Roos both took home their gold medals. Anica Myburgh and Jean van der Westhuizen got silver.

Eben Millard, Eugene sensei, and Jean van der Westhuizen
Anica Myburgh, Eugene sensei, and Shiloh Verreyne Roos

Well done and congratulations to Eugene sensei and all competing karateka.

SA JKA National Grading and Standardisation Seminar

On the weekend of 26 and 27 March 2021, 365 days after SA’s hard lockdown, SA JKA hosted another successful National Dan Grading and Standardisation Seminar.

Tiaan Uys successfully completed his Shodan grading (1st Dan), becoming Solis Ortus’ newest black belt.  We want to congratulate you on your achievement, as we know you have worked hard over the years and had to overcome a back injury too.

All black belts across SA were invited to attend the Standardisation Seminar.  Due to ever changing times, the Standardisation Seminar  for 2021 only hosted dojo heads. It is absolutely amazing to see how healthy SA JKA is.  The attendance from various dojo heads was mind blowing.

As always, our own dojo head, Sensei Eugene Oosthuizen, was in the front row to gather as much knowledge as possible which he in turn will bring back to his ever growing dojo and make the best of any potential karateka.

It was a great weekend compared to a year ago.  Staying fit and healthy through it all!

Lockdown vs Solis Ortus students


Early March 2020, and the world is buzzing amidst the new Covid-19 outbreak. Sensei Eugene Oosthuizen’s mind is in overdrive, thinking of ways to keep his students going strong in light of the very uncertain times heading our way. Sensei Eugene has discussions with fellow karateka and friends, both here and overseas. They all

start brain storming.

We know a hard lock down is coming and we follow news from around the world.

On 23 March 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa announcesthe lockdown in South Africa for 21 days from 26 March 2020. However, we knew that this lockdown would last much longer.

When the announcement came our students were already introduced to Zoom training and so started our online training journey. With dedicated students and their parents, instructors and lots of Wifi data, we pulled our dojo through a time that will go down in the history books.

This time will forever become part of the rich history of Solis Ortus karate dojo.

We witnessed our students overcome a very tough time and bettered themselves in more ways than one.

We hosted the first ever online grading which was a HUGE success.

We helped our karate family members where help was asked for and we only came back stronger.

Solis Ortus students – this message is for you!

Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for training in very difficult times. Thank you for remaining disciplined and respectful over a screen.

With the online training, we invited you into our home and you invited us into yours. The Solis Ortus family is one of greatness, strength and unity and we appreciate each and every one.

We know that Solis Ortus students are destined for greatness. And, if 2020 was the year to measure greatness, it is evident that we have the best in our dojo.

Each student, each parent, each family member and every dog, cat and lovebird that joined in on the online training – WE BOW and say “OSS”!


KPC karateka compete at KSA Seniors, Veterans and Masters Nationals, Secunda

Solis Ortus Karate Performance Centre (KPC) athletes again performed well at the Karate South Africa (KSA) Nationals for under-21s, Seniors, Veterans, and Masters, held in Secunda over the weekend of 19 to 21 March. Three KPC athletes competed.

Friday 19 March kicked off with co ach and referee training that Eugene Oosthuizen sensei attended. On Saturday morning, the under-21s (18-20 years), Veterans (35 to 49 years) and Masters (over 50 years) competed. Seniors (16+ years) competed on Sunday.

Eugene sensei with KSA president, Sonny Pillay sensei

Hardus van Jaarsveld competed in the under-21 division on Saturday where he took a gold for kumite. Also on Saturday, Ruan van der Westhuizen received a bronze in the men’s Veteran division. Elmien Viljoen competed in the Senior women’s division on Sunday, but unfortunately did not medal.

Hardus van Jaarsveld and Eugene sensei
Eugene sensei and Ruan van der Westhuizen

Yet again, well done to Eugene sensei and the KPC athletes!

KPC athletes perform at KSA Nationals

Solis Ortus Karate Performance Centre (KPC) athletes cleaned up the medals at the Karate South Africa (KSA) Nationals held in Durban over the weekend of 5 to 7 March.

Eugene Oosthuizen sensei arrived in Durban on Thursday to prepare. The KPC highlights started with the coaches and referees meeting and training course on Friday. He, along with other coaches and refs, wrote exams on kata and kumite. Eugene sensei once again excelled, passing the kumite exam with a 98% mark, and the kata exam with 92%.

Eugene sensei with other coaches

On Friday afternoon, Eugene sensei held an informal KPC training session on the beach at Umdloti. The athletes trained hard, yet got the chance to relax before the action on Saturday and Sunday. They even had a dip in the sea before and after each day’s training.

Thriq du Preez training with one of the KPC parents, Robbie Brazelle
Karate training KPC style – on the beach
Fun in the waves after training

KPC entered nine athletes in the children’s division (7-13 years) and cadette division (14-15 years) that took place on Saturday and Sunday respectively. All nine athletes medaled and became National Champions!

In the children’s division on Saturday (which continued on Sunday), Eben Millard, Franco Vertue, Shiloh Verreyne Roos, Anica Myburgh, Ethan Brazelle, and Isabelle Esterhuizen all received gold medals, Jean van der Westhuizen took a silver, and Pieter Jordaan came in with a bronze. In the cadette division on Sunday, Thirq du Preez took  gold.

Eugene sensei and Thriq du Preez
Eugene sensei and Pieter Jordaan
Eugene sensei and Eben Millard
Eugene sensei and Anika Myburg (left) and Shiloh Verreyne Roos (right)
From left – Juan van der Westhuizen, Isabelle Esterhuizen, Eben Millard
Eugene sensei and Franco Vertue

Well done to Eugene sensei and all the KPC athletes. You made us proud yet again. Shows that dedication, effort, and great teachers pays!