Bring a friend to class

It is Solis Ortus tradition to invite a friend to class a few times during the year. Firstly, training with a friend is definitely more fun. Secondly, sharing the experience with a friend makes it more special
than words can explain; and thirdly, they might join your passion….
Your friend: “What are you doing today? “
You: “Going to karate, why?”
Your friend: “Again??!”

There are numerous misconceptions about karate, and what better way to invite a friend to class to delimit the matter. Many would say: “Karate is so violent; or karate is totally ineffective in real life.
Karate is not hard training….karate is… karate is…”
Apart from all the positive and negative commentaries about karate, people tend to forget the WHY we do karate. A short version is: You become more focused; you become more humble; you become more composed/stress-free; you become fit; you become friends with amazing people; and you become more confident. All these aspects equip you with the discipline to encounter your goals with an open mind, and it motivates you to work even harder than before.
All our friends in the various class groups experienced a fun karate training session that varied from teamwork to individual performances.

They worked truly hard with their friends, and accomplished a full but COMPLETE body workout. They practiced several basic punches, kicks and fitness combinations with and without karate
equipment. Just enough to let them taste the effectiveness of dojo training. With good laughs, humoristic moments and tired bodies, we can categorically claim: invite a friend to class training night was successful. Many will remember training in the dojo maybe a day or two later, as the aching bodies will surely remind them. Others will come for more sessions and become obsessed with the aches and pains they experienced. The saying “after action, satisfaction” will
burn in their minds, and some might join karate.

One of the greatest gifts that people doing karate inherit from daily training is the strengthening of the mind, body, and soul. Countless hours of training will forge a warrior spirit within you that is unbreakable. In life, we will encounter adversities, failures, setbacks, obstacles, and so much more. We must also battle our fears, doubts, and insecurities. Karate can help us conquer those fears,
doubts, and insecurities. Above all, karate will teach us to be unbreakable and never to give up on our dreams.

We as karatekas, dream to have our friends to understand the passion we found in our sport.Mentally we are strong, physically we have a conditioned body – equipped with awareness how to
use it when we face adversity, and lastly we enjoy and love every moment of it. “It is only in martial arts, that picking a fight, is a form of bonding.”

Written by: Heilethe Calitz